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The goals of the Symposium are to provide a forum for researchers to present their newest results, and to provide ample time for participants to collaborate. To this end, each day will begin with the plenary one-hour lectures, followed by 20-minute talks. There will be unscheduled time set aside in order to encourage collaboration.

  • Conference starts at 9:50
  • Breakfast at 9:00, lunch at 14:00, dinner at 19:00


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June 4


June 5


June 6


June 7


June 8


June 9


June 10


June 11

problem session

June 12

Russia Day

June 13


June 14


June 15


June 16


June 17



  • Plenary Speakers
Sergei Konyagin (Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences)
/June 10/ Convergence to zero of exponential sums with positive integer coefficients and approximation by sums of shifts of a single function on the line
Vladimir Bogachov (Moscow State University and Moscow Higher School of Economics)
/June 11/ Distributions of polynomials in many variables and Nikolskii-Besov spaces
Maarit Järvenpää (University of Oulu)
/June 11/ Random covering sets
Natalia Kholshchevnikova (Moscow State University of Technology)
/June 13/ The union problem and the category problem of sets of uniqueness in the theory of orthogonal series
Bernd Kirchheim (Leipzig University)
/June 14/ Derivatives and their geometry
Evgeny Semenov (Voronezh State University)
/June 14/ On strictly singular operators
  • Special session
Chris Ciesielski (West Virginia University)
Different levels of smoothness: Restriction, extension, and covering theorems
/June 10/ Differentiability versus continuity: Restriction and extension theorems and monstrous examples
/June 11/ Higher level differentiability: Generalized Ulam-Zahorski problem and small coverings by smooth maps


  • Arrival day - June 9

Check-in at the Hotel, registration, payment corrections. You can take a look around and ask information, test equipment and your presentation at the auditorium.

  • Opening - at 9:30, June 10
  • Main program - June 9 - June 15, Herzen University and Institute of Mathematics

Each conference day will begin with the invited one-hour lectures, followed by 20-minute lectures.

  • Problem session - evening session, June 11, Institute of Mathematics

At the problem session, senior and not so senior researchers will share open problems that might be of interest to the community. These problem sessions have been a part of nearly every Summer Symposia over the last 30 years, and have proved to be quite popular and exciting.

  • Special session - at 17:00 on June 10 and June 11, Institute of Mathematics
  • Russia Day - June 12

There will be a lot of events in the city center!

  • Excursion, Banquet & Andy Award - starts at 18:45, June 13. The place will be announced

Traditionally, a Prize of the Real Analysis Society will be awarded at the banquet.