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First, fill in your application form at https://visa.kdmid.ru/.

Then apply for a visa (strictly according to your residence) at:

  • Gdańsk consulate (ul. Batorego 15, 80-251 Gdańsk) or visa center (ul. Partyzantów 8, lok. 101, 80-254 Gdańsk): kujawsko-pomorskie, pomorskie, warmińsko-mazurskie, zachodniopomorskie provinces;
  • Warsaw consulate (ul. Belwederska 25C, 00-761 Warszawa) or visa center (Business Center Atrium, 5th floor, Al. Jana Pawła II 23, 00-854 Warszawa): mazowieckie, łódzkie, lubelskie, podlaskie provinces;
  • Poznań consulate (ul. Bukowska 53A, 60-567 Poznań) or visa center (ul. Libelta 1A, lok. 5, 61-706 Poznań): wielkopolskie, lubuskie, dolnośląskie, opolskie provinces;
  • Cracow consulate (ul. Biskupia 7, 31-144 Kraków) or visa center (ul. Królewska 57, 30-081 Kraków): małopolskie, śląskie, świętokrzyskie, podkarpackie provinces.

Choose your consulate. It depends on place of residence. For those why from:

  • Lodz - Warsaw consulate
  • Silesia - Cracow consulate

Notice that, preliminary registration of your visit to consulate is obligatory. Humanitarian visas are free for Polish citizens. Visa center apply extra charge but require no registration.

In order to apply for a Russian visa, a proof of medical insurance with minimal sum 30000 EUR is required. You can buy it, e.g., online at https://polisy.voyager.pl.