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The Symposium offers researchers the opportunity to hear and share the newest findings in the field of real analysis and contiguous areas. The Symposium has been hosted at a wide variety of locations and it will visit Russia for the first time this summer!

This conference has been held annually since 1978, twice in 1982, and is considered to be the premier conference of its type by members of the real analysis community. Initially stimulated by questions in differentiation theory posed by Andy Bruckner, the past three decades has seen a surge of work in real analysis. Many of the original questions have been solved, new programs of research arisen and applications of ideas first addressed in real analysis have found central positions in partial differential equations and in functional analysis. The Summer Symposia in Real Analysis began quite modestly in 1978 and have become the premier conference for this area of research, attracting a large and focused international audience of research mathematicians from North and South America, Russia, China, India, Japan, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Czechia, England, Scotland, Germany and many other European countries. Participants, among others: Andrew Bruckner, Antoni Zygmund, Jaroslav Kurzweil, Ralph Henstock, David Preiss, Kenneth Falconer, Perti Mattila and many more.

The Symposium offers researchers the opportunity to hear and share the newest findings in the field of real analysis. We have defined real analysis in a wide manner and encompasses trigonometric series, many parts of harmonic analysis as well as parts of dynamical systems and measure theory and the traditional theory of integration and properties of sets and functions. As older research programs mature, this symposium has become vibrant with new ideas. It is the one place where new applications are expected to be revealed and new research collaborations are sought out and begun.

The goals of the Symposium are to provide a forum for researchers to present their newest results, and to provide ample time for participants to collaborate. More on Program

Academic Sponsors

Real Analysis Exchange

Scientific Program Committee

  • Serguei Kisliakov (Saint-Petersburg Department of V.A.Steklov Institute of Mathematics) - chair
  • Valentin Skvortsov (Moscow State University) - vice chair
  • Paul Humke (St.Olaf College)
  • Alexander Olevskii (Tel-Aviv University)

Organizational Committee

  • Boris Kashin - chair
  • Maria Skopina - vice chair
  • Yury Andreev - global coordinator
  • Victor Budaev - organizer
  • Miсhael Puchkov - organizer
  • Elena Riss - organizer